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Sargent Delville James Forbes, Transvaal Scottish & South African Air Force

WW2 Group of 5 Medals

This group is accompanied by scanned copies of his service documents and service cards.

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Delville James Forbes born in 1917 (Likely named after the battle of Delville wood the previous year), was a Radiotrician prior to the war, enlisting on the 18th of June 1940, leaving behind his wife and child to join the 2nd Transvaal Scottish. Forbes was a member of the unit from June 1940 to March 1941. He then left Transvaal Scottish to Join the South African Airforce on the 3rd of March 1941. Forbes then served as a Wireless Mechanic within South Africa until the 1st of August 1942 (Marrying his First Wife Agnes on the 21st of February), and then overseas with the 12th Squadron SAAF in North Africa, Malta, Sicily, and Italy. The Squadron operated Douglas Boston’s, and Martin Marauders. Forbes was eventually returned home, being discharged on the 8th of April 1946 after a stint Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, where the squadron was based for a short period while conducting pesticide bombing of areas to curb the Tsete Fly population. He was discharged as an Acting Sargent.

Interestingly, in February 1941, Forbes disobeyed his superior officer, by failing to report for assigned duties. He subsequently went absent without leave for nearly 4 days, resulting in the forfeiture of 4 days pay and 14 days of being confined to barracks. He also went AWOL again on the 29th of May 1942, again absent for nearly 4 days, and receiving the same punishment. He then managed to lose his clothing and some items of gear in 5th of March 1945, being required to pay the sum of £2 to stores to have them replaced.

Forbes, obviously a bit of a “Battler”, also was a member of his local Caledonian society, winning a Commemorative plaque for a wrestling competition. This group is accompanied by scanned copies of his service documents and service cards.