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Sargent Albert Christina Carl Freidrichs, South African Engineers Corps

WW2 Medal

This Group is Accompanied by a scanned copy of his service cards.

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Albert Christina Carl Friedrichs, Attested on the 4th of August 1942 to South African Engineer Corps, A Reserve Field Company. On his day of Attestment he also qualitied as a Technical “REC”. on the 1st of October 1942 to the 1st battery 8th Search Light Regiment, SAEC. On the same day, was oddly immediately transferred back to his reserve company. On the 15th of October he was moved to the G Reserve Field Company located at Premier Mine. On the 1st of November 1942, he was placed on strength again with the 8th Search Light regiment for one month, before being transferred internally within the regiment. In March of 1943, he was posted to the 3rd SAEC Training Depot, again at Premier Mine with F Reserve Field Company.

In 4th of May, Freidrichs landed in Egypt, however he was placed off strength, being transferred to the 3rd Docks operating company. In February 1944 he received a promotion to Temporary L/Cpl. On the 12th of March 1945 Freidrichs was promoted from T L/Cpl. to A Cpl, and then to T Cpl, on the same day. Then on the 4th of April 1945, he is promoted to A/Sgt., and then promoted to T/Sgt., again on the same day. On the 19th of September 1945 Freidrichs arrived back in South Africa, before being assigned to “WR Field Company” after a month of leave. He continued to bounce around multiple postings before being discharge on the 11th of January 1946.

This Group is Accompanied by a scanned copy of his service cards.